G Company, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division (Reenacted)

2020 Schedule

18th - Battle of the Bulge, Bardwell KY Tactical 

18-22nd - Waverly TN - This is an immersion event attended by some of our members
19-23 - Show of Shows, Louisville KY. Largest Miitaria market in the US, if not the world...

13-14 - Stalingrad (Youngstown OH) - Eastern Front tactical


1-3 - CANCELLED Danville IL - WWII public event 
14-17 - CANCELLED Findlay Ohio Military show.

15-17 - WWII Days at Ozaukee County Pioneer Village in Saukville Wisc

23-24 - CANCELLED Elizabethtown KY WWII public event
23-24 - CANCELLED Patriot Freedom Festival, Dayton OH

5 - 7 - CANCELLED LST 393 Muskegon MI - Come onboard a WWII veteran Tank Landing Ship! Great time to bust out the Navy impressions, but all impressions are allowed
5- 7 - CANCELLED Peoria IL - WWII public event

13 - CANCELLED Rails to Victory,South Elgin IL
19 -21 - CANCELLED Dixon IL - WWII public event

27-28 - POSTPONE Dayton Air Show


1 - 2 -Bridge at Remagen, Tidioute ,PA - WWII public event
20-22 - D-Day, Conneut OH - Largest WWII event in the country
29 -30 -Thunder Over Michigan - Airshow with public battles
Waiting on date - Greenwood Indiana public event

5 - 6 - Vincennes IN - WWII public event
12 - 13 - Lockport IL - WWII public event
19 - 20 - Rockford IL - Second largest WWII public event in the country
26 - Bowling Green KY - Operation Anvil WWII public event

2-4 - Louisville KY - Bowman Field, "BowmanFest". Display event with possibly weapons demos. Military vehicles, vintage military aircraft; what more could you ask for!
9-11 - Lima OH - Lauer Farm, reenactment



2019 Schedule

-5th - Fort Harrison, Indianapolis IN - small public event
-19th - Battle of the Bulge, Bardwell KY - tactical put on by a long time friend (Bear Whitworth)

-1-3rd - Tactical Training Event, Pioneer Boy Scout Camp, Pioneer OH - We have been invited by the 5th SS and the 45th ID to come to this invite-only training event
-20th-24th - Siegfried Line, Waverly TN - Immersion event
-21-24th - Show of Shows - Louisville KY - largest militaria show in this area


-13th - Indianapolis Honor Flight
-26-28th - Rails to Victory, Fox River Trolley Museum, Elgin IL. This year's theme is Operation Market Garden, with a Nijmegen planned skit!

-4-5th - Kennekuk WWII Days, Danville IL - Public event
-3-5th - Delay the Inevitable RETO Tactical, Pioneer Boy Scout Camp, Pioneer Ohio
-18th - Indianapolis Honor Flight
-25th - Elizabethtown KY - WWII event
-25th - Patriot Freedom Festival, Dayton OH
-31st - June 1st - D-Day plus 75, LST 393, Muskegon MI - 505 event


-4th of July - possible unit get-together?


-1-4th - Tidioute, PA - Normally the Bridge at Remagen, this year they are doing the Bridge at Nijmegen! This is right up the 505's alley!
-3-4th - Thunder over Michigan, Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti MI - mostly an airshow, but normally have encampments and battles 
-15-17th - D-Day Ohio, Conneaut Ohio - the largest WWII event in the country

-Aug 31-Sept 1st - Indiana Military Museum, Vincennes IN (505 event)


-7th - Indianapolis Honor Flight

-7-8th - Lockport IL
-19-22nd - Rockford IL- One of the largest public events in the country




Unknown/Unconfirmed Dates, or in the works
-Fischers IN
-Greenwood IN
-June 21-23 - WWII Recreated, Dixon IL - Public Event

2018 Schedule 

-6: Battle of the Bulge, Fort Harrison State Park, Indianapolis IN
-20: Battle of the Bulge Tactical, Bardwell KY. Small, new event.

-2-4: Military History Fest, St Charles, IL. This will be the last one! http://www.reenactorfest.com/ 
-13-17: Siegfried Line 1945, aka Waverly TN. Full Immersion event; not for the feint of heart, and a challenge for even the experienced reenactor.  Only open for Reenactors.
-22-25: Show of Shows Military Show, Louisville KY. HUGE militaria show! http://www.sosovms.com/
-23-25: Battle for the Rhineland, Marseilles IL.  Private tactical, only open to Reenactors.

-23: Weldonkrieg Tactical, Defiance MO.  Private tactical, only open to Reenactors.


-28-29th: Rails to Victory, Fox River Trolley Museum, Elgin IL: take a ride back in time for a very unique reenactment! http://www.railstovictory.com/

-1st or 2nd weekend: Kennekuk State Park, Danville IL
-17-19: National Museum of the US Airforce, Dayton OH: The Memphis Belle exhibit will be having its grand opening!
-19-20: Oregon IL: Stronghold Castle.  Recreating the Battle for Castle Itter.  http://www.strongholdcenter.org/
-26: Elizabethtown KY WWII event

-1-2: D-Day Plus 74, LST 393, Muskegon IL. Come onboard one of only two remaining LSTs! https://www.michigan.org/event/d-day-plus-74
-15-17: 43rd annual Military Vehicle Preservation Association Convention, Louisville KY: Our unit has been invited by the KILROY Chapter of the MVPA to set up at the Kentucky Fairgrounds
-Sometime: Peoria IL

-6: S.S. 236 Silversides Submarine Living History, Muskegon IL.

-17-18: D-Day Ohio, Conneaut OH. HUGE D-Day Reenactment and largest reenactment in the country!  http://www.ddayohio.us/

-20-23: Rockford IL: One of the largest WWII reenactments in the country!  http://www.ww2rockfordevent.com/